Night Food

These images are from a shoot for a product that was intended to be a healthy alternative “midnight snack.” The idea was to contrast “bad for you” comfort food and the healthy option, with a nighttime feel.

BEER, The Show

A few months ago, my good friend and long time co-conspirator Joe Crosetto in Chicago invited me to collaborate on a piece for a group show with the theme BEER. We decided to concentrate on the social aspect of beer drinking. So, I took some photographs at our local brewery and Joe used them as source material for the final piece, 5:00 Someplace, a watercolor, which was submitted and shown at Wildrose in Gary, Indiana.

Here are the original photos and the final painting...


Paul Musikonsky

This is a portrait I did recently of a very interesting gentleman. He performed on violin as a young man under the name Paul Musikonsky, touring the United States and Europe. Fleeing Poland in 1939 while on tour, he headed to London and eventually back to his home in New York City.

Paul's achievements are too numerous to detail here...musician, inventor, blimp pilot, combat and aerial photographer, etc. I had the good fortune to meet him and spend an hour or so making this portrait about a month before his 95th birthday.

You can learn more about Paul here:


Teein' It Up!

Finishing edits on the Team Lauren shoot. This is a charity event I have volunteered to shoot for the last 4 years and a really great cause. They raise money to train and place seizure detecting dogs with families in need. Click the image to find out more and I'll see you on the links next year!